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Top 5 Best Neighborhoods in Singapore for Renters
Looking for affordable housing, so you can go easy on your piggy bank? Check out the 5 most reasonable areas to rent in Singapore!
There is no doubt that Singapore has now become a hub for home rentals. From millennials and Gen Zs trying to escape their parents to newlyweds hunting for their dream house, it seems like everyone these days is in search of an affordable rental. With so many people looking to rent, there is definitely an increase in the demand for available housing units. And Singapore, despite being small in size, provides plenty of choices to new renters. There are many areas in Singapore that have beautiful HDB flats and condos for rent.
Before choosing a house to rent, every renter must consider the location because it decides how much you will have to travel and spend in a single day. So, we have searched the renting market in Singapore to give you our top 5 affordable picks!
1. Woodlands
Woodlands in Singapore is one of the best and most affordable places to rent. You will find plenty of amenities there such as Wood Square Mall and Causeway Point. And you will never be short of food options because woodlands host some of the best diners in Singapore. Our top picks are Anson Town Bistro, The Carpenters Bar, and Tenderbest Makick Tuckshop.
Woodlands offers some of the cheapest rentals in Singapore, but recently, due to the increase in demand, the rent prices are on a steady rise. Expert agents working in the area believe this could be due to the recent opening of borders.
All in all, woodlands is a complete package for renters who want to have affordable housing amidst the breathtaking views and common Singaporean Sites.
2. Admiralty
With new housing constructions and government projects, admiralty could be the next millennial-favorite place to live. This neighborhood, in particular, is choke-filled with tourist attractions, parks, and cafes. On weekends, you can enjoy peaceful dine out at Café Johor and take a stroll at Singapore Zoo. Woodlands Waterfront Park, an amazing spot with panoramic views, is also just around the corner.
Admiralty could be an economical choice for renters who want to travel less for work and school because it is close to both the MRT network and the causeway.
3. Yishun
Yishun has been a little controversial over the past couple of years, but it remains one of the most economical and ideal locations to rent. From ample dining and shopping options to nearby pre-schools, everything about Yishun is just perfect for individuals and young couples.
You will see a lot of street races happening beside Yishun Dam during the morning hours, where youngsters try to let their wheels take hold of their lives. But this is not the only interesting thing about Yishun, Cafes like Hippie Cow and other good food places also light up the area with youngsters and party lovers.
4. Bukit Merah
Tucked between the idea of Redhill and Tiong Bahru MRT station, Bukit Merah is another affordable renting spot with good food, amazing activities, and easy traveling options. If you are looking for a life-on-budget, this neighborhood is just perfect for you, because there are a lot of pocket-friendly food options around that will keep your budget in check. Shoppers will have the time of their lives at Orchard Road which is just 25 minutes bus ride away. And gym goers will love a good trek at the Southern Ridge.
Overall, Bukit Merah is an ideal and affordable location for renters with lots of amenities.
5. Bedok
The last affordable renting location on our list is Bedok. One thing that you must know about Bedok is that this neighborhood is swarming with all kinds of food options. Foodies will have the time of their lives at this place. There are a slew of traditional and fast food restaurants around the area and the Fengshan Market and Food Center is just another bonus.
Eat your favorite cuisines and then go for a peaceful walk at Bedok Reservoir Park. This is the kind of life you will have in this bustling neighborhood.
So, these were our top 5 best neighborhoods to rent in Singapore. If you want to have a reasonable condo or a nice 1 bedroom HDB, then turn to any of these areas to check out some affordable housing options. Consult your local real estate agent for help if you are unable to find affordable rentals on your own.
How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent in Singapore?
Looking for a qualified and reliable property agent in Singapore? Follow these tips from the experts to hire the best real estate agent in town!
If you have found your way to this article, you must be looking for a skilled agent who could handle your buying or selling transaction while getting you a good deal. And if you are a millennial residing in Singapore, this must be your first property transaction, and first-timers always need a helping hand to sail their boats.
But finding the right property agent who understands your goals and needs can be quite challenging, especially in this highly competitive real estate market. According to the 2019 statistics, there were more than 29k certified property agents working in Singapore. So, how do you find the best one amongst the options available? To help you out, we have listed down some tips that can help you find the right property for your next transaction. Please keep on reading!
1. Look for a CEA Registered Property Agent
The first thing you should do when you meet with an estate agent in Singapore is to get their CEA registration number and confirm if they are registered with the CEA. This step is highly important to protect your property transaction. Because instances have been reported in the past where people pose as estate agents and scam clients. Therefore, to protect your property and your hard-earned money, confirm whether the agent you are working with is certified and registered with the CEA, You can easily get an agent’s CEA registration number from their website or business card. Once you get the number, enter it on the CEA public register and extract your agent’s details.
2. Get Recommendations
One of the best ways to hire a good and qualified property agent in Singapore is to get recommendations. You can either ask your friends or family for suggestions or turn to review portals.
Someone from your friends or family must have engaged an estate agent at some point, so pick their brains for valuable suggestions. Friends and family mostly give you valuable advice on who to hire because they are already familiar with your requirements and have your best interest at heart.
You can also turn to review portals to find a skilled property agent. There are a lot of listing websites and portals available in Singapore where you can check estate agents’ ratings and read reviews about their performance. These portals are also a good source to hire the right real estate agent.
3. Look at the Portfolio of Your Agent
Before hiring a property agent, look through their portfolio to assess their past work. Most agents these days have their portfolios published on property websites. Enter your agent’s name on google and see if you could find their portfolio online. If your search doesn’t yield any specific results, don’t worry and ask the agent directly to provide you with the complete list of their past work.
Based on their past record, determine if your agent is experienced enough to deal with your type of property and whether they can work under your price range. Also, check if they have previously worked on a transaction like yours.
4. Check the Knowledge of Your Agent
Checking the knowledge of your agent before engaging them in your property transaction is highly important. A knowledgeable agent will solve a ton of your problems and handle the transaction smoothly without picking your brains.
But what should an agent exactly know to run your transaction smoothly? For starters, your agent should have an updated knowledge of all the property laws in Singapore. This includes the latest government regulations and other potential rules. He should also be aware of the market conditions in areas where you are willing to buy.
5. Assess your Agent’s Level of Commitment
Ask your agent about the number of clients they have. This will help you determine how many transactions they make per month and will also tell you about their quality of work. Mostly, agents who are dealing with a lot of clients at once provide poorer quality of service because they are stuck in too many transactions. Therefore, find an agent who is working with less number of clients, so he can focus more on your property and be more responsive.
Your agent should also be working full-time. This is something you must ask your agent, because part-time estate agents are usually not as devoted, and you definitely deserve someone with a higher level of commitment to handle your most valuable asset.
Finding the right property agent in Singapore can be a tough job only if you haven’t done your homework. If you know what you are looking for, picking an agent with the perfect level of expertise won’t be a big deal. So, do some additional research and follow these tips to find a good and reliable real estate agent in Singapore.
4 Myths About Hiring a Property Agent in Singapore
Property agents can be a great help when you are looking to buy or sell a house or rent an apartment. But most people avoid getting a real estate agent involved in any of their property-related matters because they are either afraid of getting scammed or simply believe in some myths that are not true.
So, do property agents scam clients and worry about their benefits? Are all real estate agents in Singapore the same?
Reports of people getting scammed by property agents or a single bad experience with an agent can make you wary of hiring one. And being cautious in these matters is a good thing, but what if your view of property agents is based solely on myths? How can you differentiate facts from myths?
In this article, we will bust 4 myths about hiring real estate agents in Singapore. Read this article till the end to know how you can protect yourself!
1. Real Estate Agents are Expensive
It is true to some extent that successful property agents in Singapore are earning enough to support a luxurious lifestyle. They sell big properties and earn big commissions, and Singapore’s booming real estate market can make their commissions even more generous.
But while commissions are often good in this line of work, property agents usually do not have a steady income. There are also various rules when it comes to collecting commissions. For instance, agents can only receive a commission from one party at a time. This means they can only earn commission from the buyer’s side or the seller’s side, despite working for both.
This notion that property agents are expensive and earn a lot has given rise to yet another myth that agents only care about money. Honestly, this is a very unfair thing to assume about any profession. The property market in Singapore is denser than you think, and agents usually do a lot of heavy lifting before sealing any deal. They even work on weekends to arrange meetings and show clients around.
But of course, there can be black sheep in this industry too. But agents who often take shortcuts to pocket more money find themselves constantly looking for new clients and lose the trust of the people in the process.
2. Property Agents Do Not Have Any Special Skills
Well, buying or selling properties doesn’t seem like a big deal right? If you haven’t done it before, you can safely assume that handling property transactions is a piece of cake. But the reality is quite different.
Buying and selling properties in Singapore come with a set of legal requirements and formalities that can be hard to decipher for someone who isn’t well versed in this area. Transaction requirements also change every few months or so in Singapore to match the fluctuating market, so it can be challenging to handle a property transaction without the help of an agent.
Most agents in Singapore are trained to handle legal formalities and are required to constantly update their skills to help clients. So, this notion that property agents do not have any special skills is false.
3. Property Agents Demand Viewing Fee for Listings
You, as a client, are not required by any law to deposit a viewing fee before your agent shows you a prospective property. This is a trick by scammers to pocket your money. So, be aware of this red flag. If an agent asks you to transfer a fee for viewing a property, report them immediately or look them up on CEA public register.
All agents working in Singapore are required to register with CEA. To confirm whether the agent you have hired is legitimate, enter their registration number on the portal and find out their details.
Even if an agent demands money for showing you property and you do find them on the public register, do not transfer any money because you are not required to do so. See the red flags in your agent’s behavior and if you feel something is fishy, fire them immediately to protect yourself and your hard-earned cash.
4. All Real Estate Agents are the Same
There are many food brands selling burgers, but do all burgers taste the same? You know the answer!
All property agents are different. Some specialize in selling condos and luxury apartments while others prefer to focus on the renting business. Some like to work individually while others prefer teams. They all have different skills and specialties that can assist clients in finding exactly what they are looking for.
If you know what your goals are, engaging the right property with a good set of skills can help you. So, don’t assume that all property agents are the same, and find the one whose working style suits you the best.
Hiring an agent for handling your property transaction can relieve you of a lot of burdens. Property agents are not expensive as you might think, and they all work in their way. Their skills can help you seal a solid deal, but be aware of the scammers roaming in this industry to avoid getting ripped!
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